16 SAAF Beaufighter strike photographs 8 Sept 1944

Strike on the Italian liner "S.S. Rex" 8 Sept 1944, South of Trieste in Capodistria bay.

The ship was earlier attacked by RAF units on the day.

When 16 squadron aircraft arrived the ship was smoking and listing The two SAAF Beaufighters put another 16 rockets into the stricken vessel's belly.

The ship was sunk that day.

SS Rex was the flag  liner ship of Italy. She won the Blue Riband award in 1933 for a record Atlantic crossing.

The Allies decided to sink S.S. REX to prevent the Germans in sinking her as blockade to the harbour entrance.

Very sad that this grand lady of the seven seas was destroyed for  probable reasons of doubt.

Watch this great video on the SS REX:

First of 12 Bristol Beaufighters of No. 272 Squadron RAF that made a low-level attack on the Italian liner REX in Capodistria Bay south of Trieste.

Position of REX on Google earth

Reconstruction (ship not in scale!)

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