16 SAAF Beaufighter strike photographs19 Sept 1944

19 Sept 1944: Offensive recce of Railway line between BROD and VINKOVCI

Dear Tinus,


Looking for the data on SAAF aircraft operating in the area I live at I found your webpage with wealth of information. Bening the scale modeller my current project is to build SAAF Beauoufighter that can be connected with this part of Croatia. Recce flight of two Beaufighters on 19 Sept 44 looks like a good starting point.

Location of the strike photos are at Stari Mikanovci railway station, recent reconstruction of the railroad eased up on the curves a bit but everything else is the same.

lat: 45°15'58.56"N

long:  18°32'6.51"E


Hope this helps at least a liitle bit.


Question for you, two aircraft on that mission were letters S and W or is it N, can you confirm? Do you happen to have photo od eithe of those aircraft (will search through the photos on your site now but had to ask)?

Thank you and keep up with the great work!

Best regards,


Nenad Setina

Slavonski Brod, Croatia


PS. Correct spelling of the city name in the title of that mission is VINKOVCI

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