16 SAAF Beaufighter strike photos 21 August 1944

21August 1944: Attack on Power Station building near Zadvarje.

During this attack Lt.(s) Russel and Stanbury were killed.

In 2015 a wreckage piece of the crashed Beaufighter was found by local residents.

The local municipality erected a memorial at the crash site and was unveiled by Lt. Russel's son in 2016.

See the tribute page of Lt. Russell HERE

Flight path of the attack.

Crash site

The building today

Wreckage piece of the crashed Beaufighter, found in the stream 71 years after the incident.

Peter Heathcote (Lt. Russel's son) unveiling the memorial.

People attending the ceremony. The idea to erect the memorial was initiated and organised byTonči Čizmić, 3d from left.

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