16 SAAF Beaufighter strike photos 29 August 1944

29 August 1944: Attack on fortress and observation post on Uljan Island

It is noted that the island is actually spelled UGLJAN and the building is called " ST MICHAEL FORTRESS"

This fortress is believed to date from the 13th century.

Today it is a tourist attraction.

The fortress was attacked twice by 16 squadron, 29 August and 10 September 1944

As evident the fortress was still in a fairly good condition before the attacks, with two towers visible and an intact house structure inside.

The 16 squadron attack of 7 September photographs are below.

Photographs of how  the fortress look today are placed below.

There must have been additional attacks by other Allied formations as it is mostly destroyed.

It is a great tragedy that this fortress survived for centuries only to be devastatedin a couple of months in the 20th century.

Still from Italian newsreel 1941: Thanks to Sime Lisica

Reconstruction Google Earth

ATTACK on the St Michael Fortress at Ugljan on 7 September 1944

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