Arthur Gleadall Photographs


Arthur Gleadall (RAF seconded to SAAF)

Aircraft technician

Operational service:

North Africa, 24 squadron, 1942 - 1943

Credit: thanks to Arthur's daughter, Jill Gordon-Thomson, who made contact with me and kindly sent to me this unique collection of scanned photographs.

Please respect the copy rights of these photographs and contact me to obtain the necessary permission if you want to duplicate some of this material in other web sites or printed matter.


Tinus le Roux

March 2017

B25 Mitchell made forced landing on our drome after being badly shot up during intensive raid at opening of Alamein battle - Copy

A.P. bomb bursting when fired at in camp at L.G.99

Abandoned Stuka Sollum 21 Dec 42

Abandoned enemy transport Sollum 2 Dec 42

Air display over Alex & Cairo prior to Alamein Push

All aboard for Squadron picnic 4 Oct 42

B25 after crash landing on LG99

Bombed locomotive at Daba station


Bostons & Baltimores in formation

Bostons in formation

Bostons on LG99 ready for take off during Alamein Battle

Breakfast on arrival at Timimi 4 Dec 42

Burned out German glider on Derna Drome 8 Dec 42

Cemetary at Alamein

Convoy halts before climbing Sollum Pass.

Convoy line-up. Move from LG99 at end of 42

Dell & Hickman

Dell & Ras servicing Boston

Digging funk hole at Soluk 13 Dec 42

English grave in German cemetary near Alamein

Explosion of aircraft petrol tanks after crash. Capt Cousins & crew all killed Feb 43

General Smuts speaking on his visit to LG99 22 Nov 42 Amariya

German & Italian road signs outside Sollum

German 88mm guns with hauling motor Alamein

German cemetary

German cemetary nr Alamein

German cemetary nr Alamein

German tank bogged in wet sand near Alamein

German tank busted

Hadyn James cuts my hair near Zliton Feb 43

Halfway up Sollum Pass showing Hellfire Pass 2 Dec 42

Italian prisoners

J crashed at Djem Pilot Lt Hully all crew OK

King's visit 19 June 43 in N.Africa

King talking to Col Durrant CO of 3Wing SAAF on visit to N.Africa 19 June 43


Making tea at Timimi

Me109 abandoned at Daba showing blast wall built round it 1 Dec 42

Me109 brought to RPU for inspection

On beach near Alex Oct 4 42

On leave at beach nr Carthage. Mdwe. Robert. Suzette. Don. Dell & Self

P.B. & Stafford las we left Zuara 5 April 43

Percy Largerway, Self & Dell forbes at El Djem May 43

Ras & I on bomb

SAAF Base Camp at L.G.99

Showing last bomb line in Africa

Soluk 13 Dec 42

Squadron picnic 4 Oct 42. Self in front. Col Martin OC 3 Wing draped with towel in background

Sunbathing Squadron picnic

Tent mates Feb 43 Near Zliton Staff Glass, Pat Melley, Alec Pullin & Self

Tripoli with John McCalgan & Richard Pearse Feb 43

Trying on new issue of winter battle dress LG99 Oct 42 Amariya

Wireless Sration LG99 Amariya Oct 42

Churchill's visit

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