Chad Paterson Log Book

Flying Log Book:  

Capt. Chad Paterson

Operational service: 

4 Sqn. North Africa, Sicily, Italy 1942-1943

2 Sqn. Italy 1944

7 Sqn. Italy 1944 -1945

Credit for this copy: Thanks to Seymour Paterson, Chad's son for allowing me to copy his father's log books.

Commander signatures:

Capt Bunny Pierce, flight commander 4 sqn

Capt W J Wheeler, flight commander 4 sqn

Maj Rosie du Toit, OC 4 sqn

Capt Doug Golding, flight commander 4 sqn

Capt "Pigeon" Dove, flight commander 4 sqn

Capt Dudley Laubscher, KIA 1942, flight commander

Capt J V A Leppan, flight commander 4 sqn

Lt Col Doug Loftus, OC SA 7 wing

Maj Bomb Finney, OC 2 sqn

Capt "Bushy" Moon. flight commander 2 sqn

Maj BoB Kershaw, OC 7 sqn

Capt Donald Brebner, OC 7 sqn

Capt Wiles, OC 7 sqn

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