GORENJA VAS attacks by SAAF 16 & 19 sqdns 1945

15 Feb 1945

7 April 1945: 19 sqdn

Dear all, I have seen photos of our village from february 1945 on this website https://saafww2pilots3.yolasite.com/gorenja-vas--attacks-by-saaf-16-sqdn-1945.php. In our book we are writting about history of village Gorenja vas, we would like to show these photos with source citation. Is it possiable to get them in better resolution? Thanks for your reply.   Silvo Pivk

Dear all,  thanks for sent photos. On photo of Gorenja vas there were tree villages in 1945. Around the church was village Trata, under it close to the river was Sestranska vas, on the other side of the river was Gorenja vas. Now what we see on  photo is Gorenja vas. On the other photo with few houses is village Dobje, about 2 km from Gorenja vas to Ċ kofja Loka.   Regarda Silvo Pivk

15 Feb 1945: photo recce GORENJA VAS, Slovenia

7 April 1945:19 sqdn  GORENJA VAS

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