JASTREBARSKO attacks by SAAF 16 & 19 sqdns 1945

Information regarding attacks on Jastrebarsko from the museum:

Hello Tinus

It's great to receive your e-mail because just few days ago, I finally got some strong information about why the building you were asked about, the ex city hall, was targeted in the attack in 18.4.1945.

 The information is this;
 At the first floor of that building, there was, in the moment of the attack,headquarters of USTAŠE (ustashe).

So there was no german or italian soliders, only croatians born troops-Ustashe (soliders of NDH).

Major Josip Fištrić (Fishtrich), who was in charge, wasn't there anymore at the day of attack, because he run away from the country with Ante Pavelic (Pavelich), head of NDH and Ustashe army, to Argentina. He was very close to Pavelich, so they fled together. Soliders that were left were killed as war  criminals, got in prison or run to hide in villages near Jastrebarsko.

Pearson who told me the information is lawyer Nikola Žunac, and he got the information last friday, from Mrs. Neda Dabelić (Dabelich), grandchild of Izloda Polak.

Mrs.Nada Dabelich lived in house next door, the one next to building that was attacked. She was 17 years old in April 1945. and she remembers that Ustashe headquarters was there.

I'm sending you the photo of today buildings and drawing of old house Polak ( Polaks are grandparents of Nada Krmpotich) that was there at that time.

It's really amazing that Mr. Žunac, the lawyer that gave me the information, met with Mrs. Krmpotich last friday, for some legal reasons, and you wrote to me just then!!!

And dear Tinus, I'm glad that I can finally give you info, because this is the story from first hand, lady was there at the time. Unfortunetly, no written info (from journals, books or army files) was there to find, but that is not strange, because all chaos that become after '45....

My official e-mail is this one: muzej@czk-jastrebarsko.hr, so you can put it in your report, and pictures too, that's great.

Greetings from Jastrebarsko!

Jelena Škrabe

City museum of Jastrebarsko

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1) 18 April 1945 (16 & 19 sqdn)

2) 25 April 1945 (16 sqdn)


18 April 1945: 19 sqdn  JASTREBARSKO

25 April 1945: JASTRE BARSKO

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