Jerks MacLean Photographs


Maclean, Capt Alan Delville "Jerks", DFC

Operational service: 

1 Sqn. North Africa 1941-1942

81 Sqn RAF North Africa and Far East 1943-1944

Credit for this copy: Maclean family via Yuri Maree



These photographs originate from the private collection of Jerks Maclean. It was kindly made available by the Maclean family. Yuri Maree  kindly scanned the photographs and I placed it on this web site in order to share these gems to enthusiasts and the wider public. 

Please respect the copy rights of these photographs and contact me to obtain the necessary permission if you want to duplicate some of this material in other web sites or printed matter.


Tinus le Roux

February 2016

 1 Allan on verandah at Clairemont

 2 Jock de Kock and self



 6 Waterkloof

 7 Hotel at Kasansa Northern Rhodesia

 8 Main street in Malakal Sudan

 9 Malakal Sudan

 10 A few of our trucks on the move Sidi Haneish

 11 Bar counter in mess LG 92 Sept 42

 12 Beach at Bagush

 13 Beach Easter Monday

 14 Beyers El Adem

 15 Billy Herbert in ...Martuba

 16 Chaps having a swim in the Mediterranean (all nude)

 17 Charles Willson at Fuka

18  Charles Willson in trench

19  Charles Willson one of the chaps in my tent

 20 Crashlanded Albacore and torpedo of the Royal Navy at Gazala

21  Derna. Billy and self packing kit into my aircraft before going to El Adem

22   Derna

23  Discussing the flight right after landing

 24 Edku LG near Alexandria

25  El Adem

 26 El Maza (Almaza, base depot)

 27 Faure and Beyers El Adem

28  Faure and the same mine. Sidi Haneish

29  Faure El Adem

30  Garry at LG 92 Sept 42

31  German Peoples' Car (Volkswagen)

32  Harry Gaynor after landing 

33  HMS Battler

34  HMT Beresfjord

35  Hojem and Self Fuka 

36  Hojem and Self Fuka

37  Hojem and Willson in trench Fuka

38  Hole made by mine Sidi Haneish beach

39  Hurricane diving on camp (The pilot is Allan Durose)

40  Hurricanes of No 1 (note aircraft in dust at back) July 1942 LG 92

41  Italian S.79 Seccombe Martuba

42  Jack Galyer taking off at LG 92 Sept 42






46  Joan Kelly and co at LG 92 Sept 42 

47  Joan Kelly and co at LG 92 Sept 42

48  Ju 52 at Derna

49  Ju 87 martuba

50  LtoR Lanham, Meek, Capt Metelerkamp, O'Farrell, Phillips

 51 LtoR Pryde, Waugh, Faure, Powell, Laing

52  Major Metelerkamp and General Van Ryneveld

53  M-AX diving on the camp after the Stuka Party. I was close enough to identify the plane even though it does not show on the photograph

54  Me 109 F at Gazala

55  Me 109F at Gazala

56  Mess  LG 92 Sept 42

57  Mess at Martuba

58 Mess bar


59  One of our aircraft (Hurricane) diving down on the camp

60  One of our Hurricanes taken in the air near Alexandria. Tom meek is the pilot

61  Our tent at Edku June 42

 62 Outside the ops tent right after the flight and awaiting the reports

 63  Powell and Herbert

64   Powell and Seccombe at crashed Ju 88 Martuba

65  Pryde and Faure on trench outside mess at El Adem

66  Ray Connell LG 92

67  Red O'Connor Bergesfjord

68  Robinson prang at Wadi Natrun Aug 1942 (28 Aug)

69  Rotol airscrew Hurricane Mk 2

70  Seccombe and crashed Me 109F Martuba

71  Seccombe and Italian G50 at Martuba

72  Seccombe on crashed Me 110 Martuba 2

73  Seccombe on Italian cycle outside mess at Martuba

74  Seccombe

75  Self and Hojem at Fuka

76  Self HMT Beresfjord

77  Self on Italian cycle at Martuba

78  Self outside tent at El Adem

79  Self outside tent next to a trench

 80  Self-Tom Meek-Ray Connell-Lawrence Waugh-John Seccombe-Moon Collingwood-Tony Biden The boys who came home together waiting for plane to Cairo

81  Some of our chaps at the beach LtoR Robertson, Du Plessis, Willson, Major Baxter our CO, Waugh, Collingwood

82  Some of the boys HMT Beresfjord

83  Sonny at El Adem

84 Sonny


85  Swamps near Edku Alexandria

86  The Adjudant of No 1 Squadron Capt. P Bayly July 1942 LG 92

87  The beach on Easter Monday Sidi Haneish

88  The boys after a fight LG 92 July 42

89  The Boys Gazala 2

90  The rear turret of a Bombay bomber (rear gunner's seat)  LG 90 Egypt

91  Truck at El Adem

92  Waugh, Biden, Simmons, Finney, MacRobert at Martuba

93  Willson Fuka

94  Willson Hojem Fuka

95  Aboukir near Alex

96  Alexandria from the air

 97 Boys waiting outised officers Club in Cairo to catch car to aerodrome to come home

 98 Congella

99  Entrance to SA Officers Club. Springbok Club in background

100  Faure in bed at the Officers Club Cairo

 101 Garden in front of SA Officers Club Cairo



 103 Snap taken from Officers Club Cairo

104 Harvard


 105 Bob and Van Selfen Alex July 45









110 Missing Man formation at Jerks' funeral

 111 Self and Van Selm Alex July 45

 112 Stanley bay Alex July 1945

 113 Stanley Bay Alexandria

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