KARLOBAG attack by SAAF 16 sqdn 1944

31 August 1944: Strike at Ammo stores in Karlobag

Amazing but sad photographs of the last moments of a 18th century church before being destructed believed to be used for ammunition storage.

This church was never rebuilt.

Herewith email received from Vladimir Brnardić:

Dear Mr. le Roux,

I am spending my summer holidays in Karlobag where we have a house of my wife's grandmother (hit in the roof by rocket during the bombing of the church). The lady from the Touristic board, Ivanka, told me about your short visit and proceeded me your e-mail with photographs of the bombing of Karlobag's church in 1944. As I am the historian by profession and much interested in military history I was delighted with this information. Although I am the historian I work as a journalist on Croatian television where I have published the story about the crushing of the Karlobag's church instead of renovation because communists were building the road and were not much interested in the renovation of the church. The story was broadcasted in television broadcast TV Calendar of Croatian television of which I am an editor:    


I would like to update this story so I would like to ask if those are all the photos or is there some more, and if you could send them to me in higher resolution? I have visited your web page and it is quite interesting so I would also like to write a newspaper article about it. Could you provide me with some additional picked photos for that?

For some stories on bombing of Croatian's town in WW2 I bought some films (nose cameras of P-40 but also some Beaufighters) from Imperial War Museum in London (Zadar, Mali Lošinj (Lussino), etc)

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Za2UuLeWers  (1'54)


There is a lot of footages of attacks by a Bristol Beaufighter from SAAF 16 Squadron on coastal defence guns on the island of Lussinpiccolo (Mali Lošinj), Yugoslavia (Croatia) in IWM but maybe you know abbout it.

There I have tried to find footages of attack on Karlobag but iI couldn't. Do you have just photos or is there maybe some cameras footages like this?

Thank you very much in advance and best regards!

Vladimir Brnardić

Zagreb, Croatia

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