Noel Johnson Photographs


Lt. Noel Lennard Johnson

Operational service: 

3 Squadron: 1944 - 1945, Italy

(1 Squadron Aug-Sept 1944, Italy)

Credit for these copies: 

Many thanks to Roy Johnson, Lt. Johnson's son, who kindly scanned and sent the photographs to me.

Please respect the copy rights of these photographs and contact me to obtain the necessary permission if you want to duplicate some of this material in other web sites or printed matter.


Tinus le Roux

February 2017

Lt. N LJohnson

1)  Lt Johnson.

2) Lt. Johnson seated left. Photograph most probably taken at 71 Operational Training Unit in Egypt 1944.

3) Hurricane  5307,  11 OTU St Albans, PE

4) Curtiss Kittyhawk most probably at the OTU at Isipingo, Natal or St Albans, PE.

5) Spitfire V with tropical filter.

6) 1 Squadron Spitfire IX with 500 Lb bomb.

7) 1 Squadron Spitfire

8)  Spitfire IX with clipped wings. Unidentified air filter.

9) Spitfire

10) 3 Squadron Spitfire identified with squadron code "CA"

11) Most probably a 3 squadron Spitfire

12) 1 Squadron Spitfire that was hit by 40 mm shell in September 1944. Pilot was Lt, Heugh of 4 squadron.

13) 3 Squadron Spitfire taxi with  mechs on wings guiding the pilot. Note 500 Lb bomb/

14) 3 Squadron Spitfire. Noel on the left?

15) Shot-up Messerschmitt Bf-109

16) same aircraft


18)  3 Squadron Spitfires.


20)  Free French Marauder bomber made a forced landing at Foiano, Italy, where 1 squadron was stationed, Sept 1944.

O E G Bezuidenhoud 3 sqdn

Lt.  MH Hartogh, pilot 3 squadron

Lt. Jack Holton, 3 sqdn pilot.

Capt "Frikkie"  Glover, pilot 3 squadron.

Capt. Dave Theron on the right, 3 squadron pilot.

Major Cecil Golding, 3 squadron OC.

Noel left seated

  • Lt Johnson is on second back row, second in from right edge.  Interestingly Lt Johnson’s father (my grandfather) is Reginald Noel Johnson (a Colonel or Major and Medical Officer in the South African Army during this time) he is seated in the very front row centre as the Officer officiating at this graduation.  It is interesting that father and son are at the same event!

  • Spitfire V or Seafire - note arrestor hook under fuselage 

Spitfire Mk IX - 3 Sqdn at Udine

  • - Lt Noel Johnson at bottom right hand corner

  • Lt Noel Johnson at middle row - right hand end

  • Lt Noel Johnson in right column - fourth from front

  • Colonel or Major Reginald Noel Johnson taking parade of graduate pilots - location unknown 

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