NOVSKA attacks by SAAF 16 and 19 sqdns 1944


25 Oct 1944

3 Feb 1945

Thanks Emir for info below

Tinus hi,

might you be interested for an movie ,I managed to find it on IWM site

It is about attack  on 25.10.1944 (photo no 28 on your site   Ernest Weddell )

Link is below

I believe that after 1.43  it is not same location,same plane ,environment is completely different...also after  53 sec ,you can see  another plane who made first attack (upper left )

I have doubt about location,Novska was bigger railway yunction but never mind ( another location for investigation),and there is a hope that I find film from board camera at  Bos.Gradi┼íka pontoon bridge attack


Click HERE to view an on board camera recording of this attack filmed by Lt. Snyman

25 Oct 1944 16 SQDN: Attack rail yards at NOVSKA, Croatia

3 Feb 1945: 19 SQDN

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