Robbie Robinson Photographs



Robinson, Lt. McClellan Eric Sutton "Robbie", DFC

Operational service: 

1 Sqn. North Africa, Sicily, Malta 1942-1943

Credit for this copy: SAAF museum Swartkops, thanks to Alan Taylor



These photographs originate from the archives of the SAAF museum. It was kindly made available to me by the museum staff. I placed the photographs on this web site in order to share these gems to historians, enthusiasts and the wider public. Please respect the copy rights of these photographs and contact me to obtain the necessary permission if you want to duplicate some of this material in other web sites or printed matter.


Tinus le Roux

Feb 2016

Dear Sir,
I 'm making a documentary for H.R.N.S. ADRIAS (L67) for educational and NON profit purposes.
Destroyer "Adrias" of Hellenic Royal Navy, was operating in the Mediterranean during the WWII, and rescued a pilot of SAAF near Catania (Italy). The pilot was Lt. Robbie Robinson (as it appears in his Log book too) on July 14th, 1943.
I wish to ask your permission to use some of his photos included in his album. I would also wish to know, if you have any interview of the overmentioned pilot, talking about his rescue by the Greek ship.
Thanking you in advance,

sincerely yours

Nikolaos Papadopoulos

P.S.  Information about H.R.N.S. ADRIAS, you can find at







 Hurricane with external fuel tanks



 1 Squadron Hurricane

 Ammo boxes, Hurricane



 "CIRECOOKS"  Eric's Hurricane

 AX-O, Eric's Hurricane

 Battle damage


 Battle damaged Hurricane flown by "Vis" Salmon 

  Battle damaged Hurricane flown by "Vis" Salmon 

 ?, Air Marshal Tedder, Maj. "Lemmie"  Lemessurier, OC 1 sqdn



  Maj Lemmie in light shirt



  Squadron Engineering officer Capt "Red" Connor with squadron dogs Daba and Chum.

 Bob Peel, Donald Brebner

 ?, Tom Philips, ?

 Bomb Finney, Hannes Faure with puppy Daba or Chum

 ?, Doug Rogan

 Bob Peel


 ?, Andrew "Junior" Tyrrell, Robbie, ?,?





 1 Squadron AX-X Spitfire V set up for gun harmonizing

 Spitfire V

 Robbie's AC CireCooks III


 Machhi 202 fighter

 Captured Me Bf-109 F


 Captured Ju 87, swastika on tail removed probably for souvenir

 Me BF-110


 Me Bf-109 F

 Fiat CR-42

 Ju 87

 Me Bf-110

Fiat BR-20?


 Me Bf-109 F

 CR-42, Bob Peel on the right

 Ju 87


 Bf-109 F

 German cemetery

 Kittyhawk RAF squadron

 Captured Bf-109

 Boston Bomber

 1 Squadron Spit V

 US glider?

 Captured German ac?

 Robbie, CR-42

 4 Squadron Kittyhawk/Tomahawk

 German Pzkw-4



 Lemmie on the right

 Christmas lunch 1942?

Voss on the left, Brebner in middle


 "Pops" Voss left


 Bob Peel

 Harry Gaynor, Lipawsky?, Rogan, Bushy Langerman,?





Savoia Marchetti 79


 SM-79 and Macchi C-202 fighter



 Robbie, Spit V


 Spit V

 Robbie's Spit V


 Spit V

Accident at El Hasseiat 4 Dec 1942. Note red painted wing tip (top pic) as was granted practice of SAAF 1 sqdn until the end of the war.

 Spit V

 Camo nets over Spits





 1 Squadron's captured Bf-109 F Blades tipped the ground hence bent forward.

 1 Squadron's captured Bf-109 F

 1 Squadron's captured Bf-109 F

 1 Squadron's captured Bf-109 F

 1 Squadron's captured Bf-109 F

 Captured Ju-87



 Fiat G-50

 1 Squadron's captured Bf-109 F

 SM-81 bomber


 Panzer Mk4

 Beaufort light bomber

 US B25 Bomber



 Walrus sea rescue plane

 Harmonizing guns: Spit V

 1 Squadron's captured Bf-109 F

 Officers Mess

 Walrus, Robbie

 Boston Bombers

 Lysander recce plane



 Mine detecting, engineers

 40mm AA Oerlikon?

 German 88mm AT/AA






 Gazelle hunting


 1 Squadron's captured Bf-109 F







 40mm AA

 Robbie's mount

 Spit V

 CireCooks VI



 Spit V

 Spit V

 US Aircobras

 Me-323 giant transporter


 Kittyhawk with 7 wing logo, KJ is SAAF 4 squadron ID

 B-17 bomber

 German Henschel ground attack aircraft


 van Nus on left

 Bob Peel, Robbie, ?

 Robbie center





 Harry Gaynor






 Captured guns, PAK-40, 88mm at back


 B-17 nose



 Me- 323

 Harry Gaynor, Snowy Moody

 Cape Corps



 1 Squadron's captured Bf-109 F



 CireCooks VIII AX-8

 5.5 kill marks


 Spit V




 Bruce Rose-Christie, ?, ?, Robbie. ?




 LtR: Cecil Golding, Stinky Lanham, ?, Robbie, ?





 Robbie, Bob Peel

 Broadhurst?, King, Monty, ?,?


 Lt "Babe" Brent, Killed by accident on ground 29/4/1943

 Phyllis. Robbie's one daughter?



 German Glider Gotha-242



 Wickener left, Golding middle, Rogan and Robbie right

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