16 Squadron strike photographs 1944

16 Squadron Strike Photographs 1944

Here a collection of Beaufighter nose camera photographs obtained from 16 Squadron war diaries archived in Pretoria, as well as private collections of 16 squadron pilots.

Please click on the heading of each mission to go to the detailed page of that particular mission to view the relevant war diary pages as well as how the target location appears today via Google earth images.

If you know of pilots who flew with 16 squadron in this time and are in possession of their log books/photo albums, please contact me as it would be great to add to this web site as a tribute to those brave airmen of past glory. 

If you or your ancestors  lived in any of the towns/target areas and have some information or interesting stories related to these attacks please let me know and we can then add the information to the site in an effort to preserve this important history.

I also have the high resolution version of these photographs.

Tinus le Roux


    Tomaž Štravs who helped me to identify names of target areas and also locations of targets with Google Earth.

21 March: Attack on German F-Bout, West coast of Greece vicinity NAVARINO

1 April: Attack on a Caique, Greece, Gulf of KALAMAI

1June: Strike on convoy north of Crete

SS Gertrude

SS Gertrude attacked by Lt Richards


Destroyer being attacked (not sure if part of this convoy)

SS Gertrude?

 Destroyer being attacked (not sure if part of this convoy)

Destroyer being attacked (not sure if part of this convoy)

30 June: Strike on 2 Caiques, harbour of ASTAKOS, Greece

4 July: Attack on German Ju-52 float plane, unidentified location and circumstances.

13 August: Attack on SS CAGLIARI, PARENZO (POREC) harbour, Yugoslavia (Croatia).

14 August: Attack on Hotel Excelsior (German HQ), DUBROVNIK , Yugoslavia (Croatia)

17 August: Attack Marshalling yard, SIBINJ, Yugoslavia (Croatia). Attack happened not at SIBINJ but at ORIOVAC.

17 August: Attack rolling stock, St. PETROVO, Yugoslavia (Croatia). Attack happened not at St. PETROVO but at NOVA GRADISKA

18 August: Attack rolling stock, DEVDELIJA, Macedonia?

19 August: Attack on 5 ton truck, SHEGAS, Yugoslavia (Croatia)

20 August: Attack on Rail yard, DRAGOLIC, Yugoslavia (Croatia). Attack happened not at DRACOLIC but at NOVA GRADISKA, Yugoslavia (Croatia)

21 August: Attack on Power Station building,  ZADVARJE, Yugoslavia (Croatia).

22  August:  Attack on rolling stock,  TREDEVAC, Serbia?

22 August: Attack on railway line, KLINA, Serbia.

24 August: Strike on Bulgarian barracks, PRENJASI  (PERRENJAS), Albania.

28 August: Attacks on shipping, TRIESTE harbour, Italy

29 August: Attack on fortress and observation post, UGLJAN Island, Yugoslavia (Croatia).

30 August: Strike on Coastal Defense Guns, Island of ZIRJE, Yugoslavia (Croatia).

Photograph turned 90 degrees

Close up of gun in concrete emplacement.

31 August: Strike on Ammo stores in church, Karlobag, Yugoslavia (Croatia).

1 September 1944: Strike on German HQ in DEBAR Yugoslavia (Macedonia)

3 September 1944: Attack bridge near Bos Krupa (BOSANSKA KRUPA), Yugoslavia,   (Bosnia)

5 September 1944: Attack on SLAV POZEGA village 5 Sept 1944 (Valeka was attacked), Yugoslavia, (Croatia)

6 September 1944: Strike at bridge near ZENICA, Yugoslavia,   (Bosnia)

8 September 1944: Strike on the Italian liner "S.S. Rex"  South of Trieste in Capodistria bay.

7 September 1944: Attack on fortress and observation post on Ugljan Island, Yugoslavia, (Croatia)

12 September 1944: Strike on enemy barracks near the town of Edessa (Greece)

13 September 1944: Attack railway line between Hotova and Gruda.

19 September 1944: Offensive recce of Railway line between BROD and VINCOFCI, Yugoslavia, (Croatia)

20 Sept 1944: Attack enemy barracks at BANJA LUKA, Yugoslavia,   (Bosnia)

22 September 1944: Attack 3 coastal defence guns at Aikaterini, Corfu, Greece

23 September 1944: Attack on Timber mill near the town of Kriz, Yugoslavia, (Croatia)

25 September 1944: Attack barracks at Kozani (Greece) in support of Partisan attack.

27 September 1944: Attack the inner buildings of the old fort at BANJA LUKA (Serbia)

28 September 1944: Take photographs of Barracks near TIRANA, Albania

16 Oct 1944: Attack at monastery at TOMISLAVGRAD, Serbia,  on German troop and armour concentrations

18 Oct 1944: Attack on enemy convoy off ATHERDHA point, GREECE

Destroyer being attacked (not sure if part of this convoy)

Destroyer being attacked (not sure if part of this convoy)

Destroyer being attacked (not sure if part of this convoy)

25 Oct 1944: Attack rail yards at NOVSKA, Croatia

5, 7, 15 Nov 1944: Attack enemy fortified positions at CASERMA ALIRIZA barracks at TIRANA, Albania

19 Nov 1944: attack on Lussin Piccolo (Mali Losijn) Coves, Croatia

22 Nov 1044: Attack rolling stock at CERVOLJANI (Gornji Cerovljani) Croatia

23 Nov 1944: Attack village of DANILOVGRAD, Montenegro

2 Dec 1944: Attack on enemy barracks in BJELOVAR, Croatia

4, 6 Dec 1944, attack on the village of CRACAC, Croatia

11 Dec 1944: Photo recce on marshalling yards at KARLOVAC

16 Dec 1944: Attack of enemy transports north of KLOPOT

17 Dec 1944: Attack coastal guns on LUSSIN PICCOLO island

22 Dec 1944: Attack on explosive motor boat base at Lussino island

29 Dec 1944: Attack enemy MT at PRIJE POIJE road

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