SADINJA VAS attacks by SAAF 16 sqdn 1945

3 April 1945:  SADINJA VAS 

emails received October 2018, thank you  UROS!!


My name is Uros Vidmar. I am from Slovenia -Sadinja vas.


I found out this page. ""

and i notice our house was in plan to attack (house C in photos). 

We are really amazed on photos and thank you to share photos on the internet,so we could found them and compare Sadinja vas in 1945 and now.


Do you have any other photos from Sadinja vas? 

I can tell you, that our house ( building C) was never bombed,all bombs went close,but some of houses were destroyed.


Do you have any information for this attack? Anything that could help us understand for this attack?


Thank you for all knowledge which you gave us frok this article.


kr, uros vidmar

hello again,


And yes, you correct identified building C. Thats why we are suprised,beacuse we first se this photos.


my fathers aunts (i think they are close to 90) remebered this attack,we already talked about this war but they were young.

I remember they said, that in our house were hiding soldiers,and that was reason to attack Sadinja vas.

But, i dont know all history, but know i ll research and i ll let you know.

(sorry for my english if i spell sth wrong :) )


i send you our house  now ( number 33 ).


Thx again for all photos!!!!



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