16 Squadron Strike Photographs 1945

16 Squadron Strike Photographs 1945

Here a collection of Beaufighter nose camera photographs obtained from 16 Squadron war diaries archived in Pretoria, as well as private collections of 16 squadron pilots.

Please click on the heading of each mission to go to the detailed page of that particular mission to view the relevant war diary pages as well as how the target location appears today via Google earth images. (work in progress, not all pages finished yet!)

If you know of pilots who flew with 16 squadron in this time and are in possession of their log books/photo albums, please contact me as it would be great to add to this web site as a tribute to those brave airmen of past glory. 

If you or your ancestors  lived in any of the villages/target areas and have some information or interesting stories related to these attacks please let me know and we can then add the information to the site in an effort to preserve this important history.

I also have the high resolution version of these photographs.

Tinus le Roux

2 Jan 1945: Marshalling yards at KARLOVAC Croatia

4 Jan 1945: Village of OBCINA

5 Jan 1945: Coastal guns on Lussino island

11 Jan 1945: Guns at Lussino island

15 Jan 1945: Guns at Lussino Island

19 Jan 1945: Coal wharf conveyer belt in ARSA CHANNEL

27 Jan 1945: Gun positions Lussino Island


1 Feb 1945: Photo recce on Lussin Island for possible landing 

2 Feb 1945: Attack on ZUZEMBERG, Slovenia

5 Feb 1945: Rail yard at KUTINA

5 Feb 1945: Rail yard at BANOVA JARUGA, Slovenia

7 Feb 1945: Rail yards at SMARJE, Slovenia (SEVNICA was attacked and not Smarje)

7 Feb 1945: Rail yard at DOBODO, Croatia (instead the rail yard at PRUDNICE was attacked)

8 Feb 1945: Rail yards at SEVNICA (not SMARJE) and PRUDNICE (not DOBODO) were attacked

9 Feb 1945: attack rail yard at POPOVACA and the village of DONJI. LAPAC, both in Croatia.

9 Feb 1945: Attack coaster ship at RAB island, Croatia

10, 13 Feb 1945: Attack enemy strong point at ZAFARA, Croatia

14 Feb 1945: Attack marshalling yards at KARLOVAC Croatia

15 Feb 1945: Attack village of VACE, Slovenia (The actual village attacked was not Vace but MORAVCE, Slovenia)

15 Feb 1945: Photo recce of Idrija, Slovenia

15 Feb 1945: photo recce GORENGA VAS

16 Feb 1945: Photo recce RAB island Croatia

18 Feb 1945: attack on village of IDRIJA (Slovenia) factory and barracks

21 Feb 1945: attack on buildings north and south  in NOVO MESTO, Slovenia

22 Feb 1945: Attack on explosive boats and buildings surrounding CIGALE cove in the LUSSIN islands, Croatia

23 Feb 1945: Attack on VURBERK castle, HQ of SS 13 Div ??

24 Feb 1945: Attack enemy concentrations in villages of PERUSIC  and Gospic

25 Feb 1945: attack MT (Motorised Transports) in NOVO MESTO

26, 27 Feb 1945: Attack village of VACE. The village of MORAVCE was actually attacked and not VACE

27 Feb 1945: Recce at ST VID or SENTVID

27, 28 Feb 1945: recce and attack village of STICNA

MARCH 1945

APRIL 1945

MAY 1945

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